Re-Design your own custom mirrors

We love helping our customers update their custom project with the latest design trends. We do custom mirror frames and luxurious feel to any mirror. There are four types of frame to choose from:

  1. Rigid Polyurethane
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Iron
  4. Wood
  5. Polyresin
  6. ฺBrass
  • Choose from our extensive collection frames and finishes.
  • Frames & Mirrors can be custom-built to fit any size you need.
  • An appealing upgrade that creates distinction and adds value.
  • An affordable price and match the quality for your project.

Custom mirror frames from Muro Living are designed to add beauty and value to your home. We are mirror frame experts. No one knows  mirror frames like Muro Living.

*Minimum Order Quantity  will applies… Contact us with your custom design for more details!

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